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A Sidi Yahia Memory

Enjoying the memories of time spent in Sidi Yahia and I just have to add mine! We came to Morocco in March 1957 when I was a Freshman and lived at the hotel until we found an apartment in downtown Kenitra. We were on the top floor (108 steps I remember!) and looked at the Mamora Hotel. We were there until we got housing at Sidi Yahia. Lived on base until June of 1960 after graduating from Thomas Mack Wilhoite….my sister was a junior (Cheryl Boudrou). My name is Sandy Boudrou. I have my yearbooks with pictures of us getting on that bus. We were pretty rowdy! We used to bring a loaf of wonder bread, share it and have spit ball fights! We would sing sometimes for the entire hour and hassle the marines who got on to check all of our ID’s at the gate in Port Lyautey-singing the marine anthem, etc…..

Others on base were Kitty Favor, Gayle and Mike Corder. We were all best friends. Swam at the pool, took lifeguarding lessons there and went to the movies between the buildings. My mom, Cheryl and I (and Gayle) were all on the Women’s Sidi Yahia baseball team! ha ha I still have a pic of us.

Remember riding the big truck back and forth on the weekends? We would goto Kenitra and the base to play-horseback ride, bowling (where we setup o ur own pins) and of the course the navy exchange and lived on french fries and cokes. We had lots of slumber parties and would sneak out the window and roam the streets of Kenitra meeting our friends. Got caught by shore patrol one night and never did it again! I believe Anita Jones was with us that night! No fears in those days.

Haven’t found Kitty, Gayle or Mike yet? Anyone know where they are? Just talked with Anita last week for the first time. Wonderful feeling to catch up with classmates.

Sandy in WA

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