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Class of 64

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Nathan Atkinson
Attended:1960 - 1963
J.D. Bernard
Attended:1958 - 1960
John A. Canton
Attended:1960 - 1964
Ramon 'Ray' Canton
Barry W. Click
Attended:1961 - 1963
Jack Coates
Neal Colvin
Linda Cox (Newman)
Attended:1960 - 1964
Kitty Daugherty (Hull)
Sherwood Duane
† Walter Lester 'Dusty' Eaton
John Ferguson
Patrick A. 'Pat' Foley
Attended:1960 - 1963
Anita Foreman
Attended:1960 - 1964
Linda Garcia (Hurl)
Attended:1959 - 1963
Mike Hatfield
Carol Heitlinger (Stephens)
Attended:1957 - 1959
Judith 'Judy' Herzog
Attended:1961 - 1962
Mohammed Ikhlef
Attended:1962 - 1964
Judd Kelly
Attended:1960 - 1964
Christina Klein (Hermanson)
Attended:1962 - 1964
Anita MacIver (Counihan)
Attended:1957 - 1961
Linda Maguire (Davis)
Attended:1959 - 1961
Barbara 'Barbie' Nelson (Dean)
Attended:1961 - 1963
Bruno Niewinski
Attended:1961 - 1964
Susan Olsen (Hoff)
Steve Rau
Wendy Ryan (Thomas)
Leslie M. 'Sandy' Sanford
Alice Scully
Attended:1959 - 1961
Peter Slocum
David L. 'Dave' Spargo
Attended:1960 - 1963
Donna Marie Wilcox
Attended:1962 - 1964

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