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  • NCS Sidi Yahia


  • Battle for Port Lyautey
  • The attack on Port Lyautey - the former name for the city of Kenitra - was part of Operation TORCH, a large allied landing to seize control of North Africa from German control.
  • History of Morocco
  • A brief history of Morocco, from prehistoric times to modern times.
  • Kenitra: Then and Now
  • A brief history of Port Lyautey / Kenitra from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Maréchal Lyautey
  • History of Hubert Lyautey, after whom Port Lyautey was named
  • Morocco Today
  • The CIA World Fact Book country information page on Morocco.
  • Operation "Torch"
  • A description of the Allied invasion of northwestern Africa, still in the hands of the Vichy French government.
  • Port Lyautey
  • History of Port Lyautey, Kenitra's name under the French Protectorate.
  • Thomas Mack Wilhoite
  • The life story of Thomas Mack Wilhoite, after whom our school was originally named.
  • USS Wilhoite
  • History of USS Wilhoite named in honor of Thomas Mack Wilhoite, after whom our school was initially named.

    History (in French)

  • Le Vieux Maroc - The Old Morocco
  • Another excellent historical photo archive site with old pictures of various areas and cities of Morocco.
  • MarocAntan
  • The site's name, MarocAntan, is a short form for "Maroc d'Antan" or "Morocco of Yesteryears". You will find excellent photo archives of "old Morocco"

    Military Bases around Kenitra

  • NSG Dept at NCS, Sidi Yahia
  • A site for military personnel once assigned there. Lots of photographs...

    Moroccan Cuisine

  • Kitty Morse's Site
  • This site is maintained by Kitty Morse, a long time resident of Morocco. Browsing through her site brings back, oh, so many memories...

    Other Schools

  • A.S. of Tangier
  • Another site for the American School of Tangier
  • Casablanca American School
  • American school located in Casablance, Morocco (started in 1973)
  • DODDS Alumni Sites Registry
  • Overview of DODDs / DoDEA Alumni Site
  • Farragut High School / Rota
  • Message Board of the Rota High School
  • Nouasseur
  • Homepage of the Nelson C. Brown American High School that was located on Nouasseur Air Force base near Casablanca. They are planning a big reunion to Morocco in 1998. Contact: Sharon Ray Renno
  • Rabat American School
  • Homepage of the Rabat American School, K-12, located in Rabat, Morocco.
  • Torrejon High School
  • Alumni Site of the Torrejon High School
  • Zaragoza High School
  • Alumni Site of the Zaragoza High School

    People Search

  • Email Finder
  • A web service to help you locate an email address. Not very reliable.
  • Military Brats
  • If you grew up in a Military family and you are looking for others who truly understand you, then you are at the right place. We are here to help you to re-connect with your Military Brats heritage and with friends you have met along the way in your nomad
  • Military City Online
  • Locates people in the military.
  • Overseas Brats
  • An organization and magazine designed to serve the needs of thousands of Americans who have attended overseas schools, and dependents who have attended stateside schools in military communities. Active since 1986.
  • SB Digital Directory
  • Switchboard provides a fast and easy way for people and businesses to find each other on the Web.
  • The White Pages
  • A "people search" tool

    Press / Articles

  • The Western Kingdom
  • A traveler's account of her experiences in Morocco during a 3-month visit.


  • Morocco - The Experience of a Lifetime
  • A very interesting perspective written - years later - by Cliff Smith, an American teenager, relating his views and experiences of life in Morocco. Required reading!
  • What is the purpose of this?
  • An essay by Cecil Byrd, written 45 years later, in which he shares his memories of life in Morocco in the 1960's.