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Class of 63

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Ronald 'Ron' Andrews
Attended:1962 - 1963
Anita Anthony-Huebert (Anthony)
Attended:1959 - 1963
Edward C. 'Chuck' Blackmon
Tex Chalkley
Carol Dalziel (Bart)
Attended:1960 - 1963
Shirley Ann Faxon (Fatheree)
Attended:1960 - 1963
Pat Fazier (Hatcher)
Ted Fisher
Attended:1960 - 1963
† Marvin Hamlin
Connee Hodson (Dean)
Attended:1961 - 1963
Anne Kahn (Brener)
Attended:1959 - 1961
Lynn Kramer (Kraighman)
Attended:1961 - 1963
† Allen Jay Lawson
Thomas Lawson
Attended:1958 - 1961
Constance McKeon (Riding)
Attended:1959 - 1963
David H. Minton
Attended:1959 - 1962
Judith Ogilvie (Hermanson)
Attended:1962 - 1963
Randy Pennell
Attended:1959 - 1962
Dennis Porter
Nora J Salvador (Falls)
Attended:1960 - 1963
Dorothy 'Dottie' Sandoval (Hull)
Attended:1960 - 1961
Richard 'Dick' Scribner
Attended:1962 - 1964
John Steward
Attended:1962 - 1963
William 'Johnny' Vincent
Attended:1960 - 1962
Lynn Wallen (Price)
Attended:1959 - 1963
Roy Wilson
Attended:1959 - 1960

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