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List of Alumni with Non-Working Emails

The following alumni's email address resulted in rejected mail during the last mailing. If you recognize yourself or a classmate, I would appreciate it if you could provide me a working email address to update the database.

There are currently 548 alumni in the database.

Of those, there are 76 non-working email addresses and 8 without any email address whatsoever - for a total of 84 that cannot be reached via email. Please help!

You are not a registered user or you haven't logged in - or both...Until you do so, this list will only display alumni names and non-working email addresses but not other contact information. This measure is to protect the privacy of our members. We ask for your understanding.

Class of  
 Attended:0 - 0
Class of 1957 
Leila Applewhite (Griffin)
Class of 1958 
William 'Bill' Applewhite (Griffin)
 Attended:1952 - 1955
Thomas W. Silvey
Class of 1959 
Karen Ann Sellner (Crane)
Class of 1960 
Edward 'Eddie' James
 Attended:1956 - 1958
James 'Jim' Miller
 Attended:1956 - 1959
Leroy N. Pratt
 Attended:1957 - 1958
Class of 1962 
Tom 'Van' Atkins
George Chaconas
John Henry Fuhr
Larry Guy Sage
Deskin 'Deck' Waters
Class of 1963 
Edward C. 'Chuck' Blackmon
Alt. (Email address doesn't work))
Tex Chalkley
Pat Fazier (Hatcher)
Dennis Porter
Class of 1964 
Ramon 'Ray' Canton
Linda Cox (Newman)
 Attended:1960 - 1964
Mike Hatfield
Peter Slocum
Class of 1965 
Kent Hawley
Ahmed M'rabet
John E. Treadway
Class of 1966 
Steve Bernard
Linda McCrerey
Kay McGuire (Bartelett)
Barbara D. Tomasetti (Cox)
 Attended:1962 - 1966
Class of 1967 
Charleen Shook (Franks)
 Attended:1964 - 1966
Jim Treadway
Class of 1968 
Wail Benjelloun
Mohammed M'rabet
Class of 1969 
Anne D. Bethel
 Attended:1965 - 1969 (Email address doesn't work))
Renate Colbath (Phillips)
Billy Jacobsen
Carol Lacy
Class of 1970 
Khalid Benchekroun
Angela Garvey (Stampley)
Edward 'Ned' Garvey
Thomas Jimmerson
Class of 1971 
Gregory Davis
Michael Dawkins
Nola Richards (Dixon)
Class of 1972 
Carla Callaghan (Golden)
Najat Alami Ep Benedada
Laura Koepke (Beatty)
David Morgan
Stephanie Ramella (Staupe)
Jeff Yates
Class of 1973 
Faraj Benwahoud
Mark Fetterly
Peggy McCarthy
Kevin Smallwood
Susan Walston (Reason)
Class of 1974 
Warren Boomer
Timothy Collins
Ramin Khoshatefeh
Mark Roberts
Jean-Michel Serra
Class of 1975 
Laila Christensen (Mestoura)
Jon D. Haslerud
 Attended:1970 - 1972
Alt. (Email address doesn't work))
Audrey Ley (Smallwood) (Email address doesn't work))
Herb Neunsinger
Class of 1976 
Rod D. Lubasky
Sheila Roberts (Bright)
 Attended: - 1976
Michael Taylor
Class of 1977 
Brenda Martinez (Gerth)
Class of 1978 
Leonard James Knapp
Theresa Oakley (Montanya)
Alt. (Email address doesn't work))
Mike Walker
 Attended:1974 - 1976
Class of 1980 
Sandy Hedin (Montanya)
Class of 1981 
Judy A. Fuentes
Melissa Polanco
Class of 1982 
Ernie Marcurio
Gerald Ludwig
 Attended:1966 - 1967
Michael 'Terry' Meats
 Attended:1969 - 1971
Juddy Spivey (Maddox)
 Attended:1967 - 1969