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A Sid Yahia Memory

I vividly remember the Sidi Slimane evacuation incident. I had graduated and was working at the PX (AFEX) in Slimane. Sister DeAnn was at school in Kenitra, but parents picked up younger sibs and I, and we drove a distance from the base where many cars lined up alongside the road, where we waited and waited and waited. Seemed like forever before we were allowed to go back.

Judy, where did you find the online info? I recall some pretty scary times during the revolution while living at Mehdia. We’d get a knock on the door, ordering us to close shutters on windows, keep doors locked and not venture out. Like you, at the time I recall feeling apprehensive, yet excited.

Didn’t the name change from French Morocco to Morocco sometime between ’56 & ’57? I remember calling it French Morocco when we got there in ’56.

Sherrie (Greenwood) Hendrix

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