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Thomas Mack Wilhoite –
Kenitra American High School
June 30th, 2010
Hello everyone,

This month’s birthday celebrants:

July 1, James Jones (Class of 1972), Email:
July 1, Lew Chandler (Class of 1971), Email:
July 4, Michael Gutberlet (Class of 1973), Email:
July 6, Richard Yeary (Class of 1960), Email:
July 9, John Matter (Elementary School), Email:
July 14, Carol Heitlinger (Class of 1964), Email:
July 15, John Dunleavy (Class of 1961), Email:
July 18, Carl Ferguson (Class of 1962), Email:
July 19, David Bass (Faculty), Email:
July 19, Debi Trammell (Class of 1980), Email:
July 20, John Quinn (Class of 1961), Email:
July 24, Nathan Atkinson (Class of 1964), Email:
July 24, May Al Mudhaf (Class of 1975), Email:
July 24, Laura Murphy (Class of 1977), Email:
July 27, Pat Lamb (Class of 1956), Email:
July 29, Larry Sichter (Class of 1969), Email:
July 29, Lee Sichter (Class of 1969), Email:
July 30, Frank Keen (Class of 1972), Email:

I always forget Frank’s birthday. Won’t have an excuse this year :)

Best regards,

Bob Keen and Andrea (Fleming) Gast

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