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A Sidi Yahia Memory

This is just unbelievable, just reading the wonderful letters from you all has cleared up many things I had forgotten. I too lived at the American hotel, the first one was small but later we moved in a much larger one and we could go up on the roof and sun tan. My Mother was a great cook and she would make big Pizza’s for every one that lived on that floor. Does any one remember that? My Dad was Air Force (I got a lot of teasing from that) and stationed in Rabat.

Back in 57 there was no high school there and I was the oldest civilian female there all of 17. I was jeeped to school every day back and forth (sometimes in a six-by) for a while. I was the only high school student stationed in Rabat. We also lived in Port Lyautey, still took the bus to school but don’t seem to remember much of that. I remember the McBride twins I was real close to one of them.

I remember the awful bus accident, I cried a lot. I have been looking for them for years but can’t find them. Years ago, I found out that when they came back to the States, the girls went and lived with their grandmother and for the life of me I can’t remember where. That was back in 1964. After my life got busy and time just got away, but now as I get older and things are more or less at a stand still I have time to reflect.

In 2000 my soul mate of 21 years came down with a liver disease and is in the border line to qualify for a liver transplant right now he is doing pretty good but that can change in a heart beat. But he still has his great laugh and personality. Then this past January we had a fire at the house that destroyed everything on the inside, just gutted and charred everything. But my year book survived and a few other things, anyway we are going to rebuild but with winter coming and bad weather things are going to slow down for a while, so we are at a stand still for now.

We are renting a cute little house two streets over so it is a two-minute drive to the house and we are there almost every day still digging through muck but we are getting there. We are out in the country and have four acres out there so we will rebuild, and I will once again see the deer in the morning mist.

Well, I will close for now and hope someone remembers Paulette Kaczmarski, your old class mate

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