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Small World

My brother Glenn and i were at Sidi Yahia in 1958. After we went back to the States, I married a guy i met there and my brother joined the Navy and got sent to Port Lyautey. He said it sure was different being a sailor or an officer’s son.

A few years later, my cousin who was making a career of the Navy was sent to Sidi Yahia! But wait there’s more!

My brother later was driving a semi truck and trailer and got snowed in somewhere in the Midwest at a truck stop. He spent some time talking to everyone, especially this sailor. The guy said he was being shipped to a new duty station. My brother asked him where he was coming from and he told him: “Probably somewhere you never heard of, Sidi Yahia, Morocco”, and, as it turned out, he shared a room with my cousin while he was there!!

Top that one!

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