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More Incidents

Don’t know who “blew” it. Does anyone remember when us kids from Sidi Yahia hid behind the guard shack instead of getting on the bus? Then we caught the liberty bus into Kenitra, but got off in town instead of going on to school. We wandered around one of the local schools, talked to those kids when they were on a break outside, until their principal came out. He asked us our names and of course we gave him phony ones. He said he would arrange for us to visit his school with our principal if that was what we wanted.

Then we caught the next liberty bus to get on base, went to the Oasis for lunch, as it was “almost” lunchtime anyway, then went to school.

We were standing in the principal’s office explaining how we missed the bus and had to wait for the (later) liberty bus, when the phone rang. It was the principal of the French school. The principal repeated the names we had given the other guy, looking pointedly at us. He gave us a break, though, but warned us not to be late again. He knew what we were up to, but couldn’t prove it, exactly, so we had gotten away with our Half-day Hookey.

We met some of the kids from the French school later at the International Dance. Deanna or Sherrie (Greenwood) posted those pictures on the web
site. Looking back, high school was more fun than I thought at the time.

Judy (Hill) Swanson

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