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Wow! A gift of a window into my long lost past! Thank-you so much for this site!

I lived in Rabat from 1960 ’till 1963, moving to Mali until 1965, then returning in 1965 and graduating at TMW in ’69.  I had lost all contact with my North African past for over 50 years, until someone from Bouknadel shared her past experiences.  Holy smokes, she was a neighbor in my childhood and I didn’t even know!  This site is precious.  Memories of places are rushing back into my old head, bringing back memories I had long since put in my steamer trunk of my past. 

Riding the Navy grey school bus from Rabat to Kenitra NTC every school day.  Playing hooky (only once) by hiding out in a sailor friend’s rack in the BEQ barracks until I was caught.  Learning lifeguarding at the base pool.  Hamburgers at the snackbar.  The hours of tending my knees in the hospital whirlpool therapy machine after football practice and sometimes actually playing in great pain, to be like my friends.  The class carwash in the parking lot by the base chapel.  The pride on the face of a teacher’s face when she parked her brand new MGB on the circular drive in-front of the school.  Mr Myers, built like a brick s*** house, yet so quiet and calming.  The F5 jets taking off during class, we’d have to wait for the noise to stop.  The base hobby shop behind the gas station down the hill.  The toy store across the street from the PX.  The beach community that lived in the houses and bungalos at Mehdia beach.  Living in a world of walls and always looking forward to passing through the front gate into a world of open yards and neat sidewalks.  Shopping at the comissary or PX, loading paper bags of groceries into our trunk, just like they did back in the US!  Wonderbread was a treat after years of French baguettes.  My mind is racing with so many fond memories!  Thank-you for this portal back in time!